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We can already imagine TALE OF US AND Eric Prydz at “The Sphere”.

Concierto de la banda Irlandesa U2 en "The Sphere"
Concierto de la banda Irlandesa U2 en "The Sphere" | Photo taken from New York Post.

“The Sphere” is a truly revolutionary event center located in Las Vegas. With a height of 366 feet and a width of 516 feet, it is the largest spherical structure in the world. It can accommodate almost 18,000 seated people and up to 20,000 with standing room. It features a 16K resolution wraparound LED screen that covers an area of 580,000 square feet, larger than three football fields. The exterior of the venue features 176,784 square meters of fully programmable LEDs. Equipped with the world’s largest beamforming audio system, the venue offers an unparalleled sound experience. For an even more immersive experience, it features 4D physical effects.

The premiere of “The Sphere” was none other than with the legendary Irish band U2. The band gave their first concert in this impressive venue, projecting images all over the place thanks to its 1.2 million LED screens.

So, we lovers of electronic music wonder, what would the experience be like if the German label Afterlife with shows from Anyma and Mrak, or the Swedish Eric Prydz made their performances at “The Sphere”? It would be mind-blowing! Imagine being surrounded by a wraparound LED screen while the Afterlife crew takes you on a sensory journey with their hypnotic visuals. Or feel like you’re floating in space as Eric Prydz deploys his stunning holograms.

In summary, “The Sphere” could be the perfect stage for these masters of visuals and all those who are creating their proposals in the world of electronics. With its advanced technology and capacity to host thousands of fans, this venue has the potential to take their presentations to new levels. So, lovers of electronic music, get ready! Because “The Sphere” could be the next big destination for the most immersive and innovative shows you’ve ever experienced.

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