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Undercatt is an Italian musical project founded in 2014, initially as a duo, by Luca Luperini and Elia Crecchi. The quality of their sounds and their productions quickly led them to position themselves at the top of the electronic scene, drawing the attention of Solomun and his label: Diynamic. There they signed and concretized their forcefulness on the scene with their first world-renowned productions: Britannia, Hana, and Futura.

Since 2019, Undercatt's fate has continued under Elia's command as a solo project. In the following interview we delve into the depths of his magic in producing his massive music. Elia tells us more about his current trajectory, what's new to come, his perspective on the current situation of Melodic Techno in Colombia and worldwide; his experience in his gig through our city, Pereira (Colombia) and much more.

How do you define your sound now?

I will try and give you a simple answer but I'm probably not a synthesizer wizard. I can tell you that I am a guy who gets bored easily and therefore always need to find new things in music. My DJ sets are never the same and I like having the flexibility to be able to change things when I play and have the audience in front of me. When I produce I always start with melodies but as you have might have noticed over the years sometimes I make more progressive music, sometimes more techno and sometimes more house.

Recently, we have seen you on wonderful landscapes making new sounds. What inspires you when producing your music?

There is no specific thing that inspires me to make music, otherwise it would be too easy to do it. It is often the events around me, usually the negative ones that make me flee to the studio to create music. I like to spend hours in the studio and get lost in my bubble of happiness created by the vibrations of music.

The latest Ep on Atlant is magical. Tell us about the keys that influenced its creation.

I did this EP during the pandemic. I was very affected with the situation of everything stopping, I was missing all of my work, especially the dance floor. I made these tracks thinking about people, imagining that one day they would dance and they would be blown up with joy.

Listen his last EP "Arcade" for Atlant label here:

Buy it on Beatport here:

Undercatt playing on secret location in Pereira, Colombia - 18/09/2021 - Copyright: Evil House
What was your experience on the Colombia tour and how do you think the world of the melodic electronic scene sees our country?

I have played in many countries around the world but the warmth I received from the Colombian audience is not easy to find. I think the scene has tremendous potential and room for growth there, especially for my genre of music. It was a fantastic experience and I really enjoyed playing there and I hope to be back soon.

What was the funniest or exciting thing on the tour?

The funniest thing about any tour is when they understand that you are Italian and then they start telling you all the bad words in Italian they know. This always makes me feel at home. Haha!

Did you know that there were people who cried in the middle of the party because of the melody of your set? Does it happened on some your gigs before?

It's been a while and my memory isn't all that great. But this is not the first time this has happened to me, it has already happened many times. What I feel when it happens is a tremendous amount of gratitude for doing what I do. It is certainly a fantastic job of mine and I feel very lucky, I'm still the kid with the same dreams when I started playing clubs 18 years ago.

Undercatt playing on secret location in Pereira, Colombia - 18/09/2021 - Copyright: Evil House

What are your hints to the new producers for catching the attention of big artists like you?

Music is the most important thing in this business, or rather I still like to think that it is ;) So work hard and measure your heart. Be original and don't be afraid to fail, experiment and try to find your own sound that makes you unique. And I'm sure some great DJs will notice you.

What tools (Software, hardware, instruments) do you use in your new studio?

I do everything in the box, I have been using Ableton for more than 10 years and I still believe it is the most versatile for electronic music. I don't use hardware. I have a computer and a midi keyboard. I am a great lover of the U-he family, particularly Diva and Repro. But lately I've been using Dune3 and Omnisphere a lot too. To make the drums I use maschine but I also have many sample folders. I enjoy modifying them and also leaving a little bit of everything to chance.

Any big releases on the way?

I can't tell you anything about this yet, because I'm also a bit superstitious, but I aim for you some beautiful music.

What is your own favourite production so far?

The next one ;)

What was it like taking different ways with Luca?

Luca has always been like a brother to me and splitting up has been a difficult thing. I found myself doing things, especially for the administration of the project alone for the first time that Luca had managed for years. I was a rookie and didn't have the faintest idea where to start, but with every day going by it just felt like a great challenge. After some time I can tell you that it was definitely the right decision for both of us. We are now more relaxed and the energy is not wasted.

Tell us your view on melodic techno present and future.

The beauty of music is that it is always evolving, it is the language of the people, things around us change music and music changes us in turn. I believe the pandemic has radically changed the way clubbing is experienced and also what people want to hear in clubs. Before the pandemic people often wondered what the meaning of life was and therefore you needed music that made you think about it. After 2 years of pandemic I think people don't want to think that much anymore, but I think they just want to have fun.

That's why I think for now that melodic techno will be a little less melodic and much more techno.


Listen Undercatt on Spotify here:

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